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Internet Services

Meridian Computer Corporation offers a variety of internet services to improve your residential internet experience or enhance your business' online presence. These services include:

  • Email including POP3, IMAP4, HTTP (web), and SMTP (relaying)
  • Fax to Email
  • Online (shared) Calendaring
  • Web Site / Domain Hosting
  • Remote Backup Service
  • Web Based File Exchange Service
  • Custom Web Site Development
  • Database Programming

  • Let us help your business establish a prominent presence on the internet. For less than you might think, we can register your own domain, set up email for you and your employees, and deploy a professional looking web site. Your customers will recognize that your business is efficient, well established, and embraces the latest technologies.


    We offer traditional POP3 and IMAP4 email accounts. This means you can use popular email client software such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, and Mozilla Thunderbird. Additionally, we offer web based email--similar to Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail. Your web based email can be secured using SSL [secure socket layering], the same encryption-protection technology used by online banks. With SSL, you can communicate securely through email with your web site making it possible to request sensitive-private information on your web site without the worries of hackers or malicious parties intercepting the data.

    Remote Online Backup Service

    Our secure online backup service provides additional redundancy and protection for your business by allowing for automated off-site backups. At night, while your computer network is mostly dormant, our backup software will "wake-up" your computer and copy your precious data across a SECURE TUNNEL to our backup server(s). Have the peace of mind that comes from automated, off-site backups. Your data is backed-up at a remote facility and is available to you 365 days a year no matter what happens back at your office. Be protected from natural disasters, disgruntled employees, crime, viruses and user error--all in one backup solution. Contact us for additional information on this valuable service.

    File Exchange Service - "Web Office"

    Tired of the size limitations of email attachments? We've got the solution for you! Our online "Web Office" is a file-exchange system that does not rely on email. It is totally web-based and allows you to configure multiple user accounts and storage areas called "Virtual Folders". You can then grant different users access to the different virtual folders. This is effectively a file sharing service with multiple layers of security.

    As an additional feature, Web Office also offers an integrated message forum. Your users/employees can leave public messages identifying posted files or providing instructions to others.

    This is all accomplished via the web using any standard web browser and normal username-password authentication.

    Custom Web Site Development

    A professional looking website is a staple in today's business world--don't miss out. Web sites are more affordable than ever before. Let us examine your needs and build you a web site to suit.

    Here are some examples of web sites we have developed (other than, of course, this one!):


    Database Programming

    Need a web site with a little more functionality? We specialize in dynamic web sites that "think" and respond to user requests.

    For example: Perhaps you want a user database where visitors need to register and set-up an account? Or maybe you would like to publish forms online and have web users fill them out and submit them directly to your company? Similarly, online calculators can add usefulness to most business web sites.

    You might be surprised how quickly these kind of web sites can be designed, developed, and deployed. And they might be more affordable than you think--Contact Us for a free quote on a web site to promote your business.