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Data Recovery


Manufacturer Solutions

We are certified data recovery specialists for Seagate, Western Digital, and most hard drive manufacturers. Using us for data recovery will not void your manufacturer warranty. 


Enterprise technology Services

We recover lost data for enterprise level computer systems including RAID, Backups, and CLOUD recoveries.

Small Business

Small Business Services

Has your small business experienced a data loss? We have the highest recovery rate in the industry. Contact us for an evaluation.

Home Computer User

Home Computers & Electronics

We help residential customers recover their data including: documents, financial data, precious family photos, and more!

We can perform data recovery

  • Crashed Hard Drive Recovery
  • Accidental Deletion Recovery
  • Accidental Formatting Recovery
  • Failed RAID Server Recover
  • Failed External Storage Device Recovery
  • CD, DVD, and BluRay Disc Recovery


The information which you’ll need to furnish:

Type of Files

It's important to know the "type" of files you want to recover. Often recovery techniques depend on specific data file types. For example: recovering word documents and excel spreadsheets may be different than recovering a large quickbooks company file.

Location of Data Files

The more information you can provide about the location of your data files--the better the chances are for recovery. Are the missing files located on the computer's desktop? Are the missing files located in the documents folder under the user profile? etc.

How were the files lost?

The conditions behind how the files were lost is also important. Did the hard drive fail? Was there a virus attack? Were the files simply accidently deleted? These different circumstances can play an important role in the recovery process.

Some valuable tips


By far the most important thing to do is stop using the hard drive (or other media) that has experienced the data loss. Continuing to use the hard drive or other media can result in your information being over-written. So don't take any chances, best bet is stop using the computer and contact Meridian Computer Corporation immediately.

Explore Other Sources

Think about the information that was lost. Is it possible it exists in another location? Any recent backups? Did you give someone a copy? Did you receive the lost information from someone else? If so, can they re-send it to you?

Don't Panic

The majority of data recovery attempts are successful.

data recovery
Data Recovery
Data Recovery Cost Estimates:
Software Recovery (Step 1) -
$125/hour - usually get missing data in two hours or less. No recovery attempt charge if unsuccessful. Drive is NOT disassembled.

Hardware-Cleanroom Recovery (Step 2) -
$900 to $4,000 depending on time and amount of data recovered. Minimum $200 inspection fee. Drive is disassembled and rebuilt in ISO-5 certified cleanroom.